Student Testimonials

The most valuable thing I’ve learned at Schoolyard Ventures is perseverance. I’ve had to learn to overcome obstacles in a way that classroom learning can’t teach. It has really helped me build my mental toughness.
— Samantha, Age 17

Meeting successful entrepreneurs and other ambitious students through the program has been inspiring and pushed me to be more ambitious with my own goals. I now realize there are no limitations to what I can achieve. The program has had a great influence on me.

— Kaseim, age 15

Through Schoolyard Ventures I’ve become more outgoing and more willing to ask people for help. I’ve also become more confident in my own personal brand. The program is the perfect place to learn how to implement your ideas.

— Madi, age 17

I’ve been saying that I want to be an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. But now, after going through the Schoolyard Ventures program and being mentored by successful entrepreneurs, I can put my life in perspective—the idea of being an entrepreneur as a career is now realistic. I love this program!

— RAchel, age 17

The Schoolyard Ventures program is amazing! I’ve met a lot of successful entrepreneurs who have been instrumental in guiding me to launch my company. If I had not been part of the program, I would not have had the coaching or resources to make my business successful. I’m very grateful to Schoolyard Ventures, because it’s allowed me to surround myself with ambitious kids, as well as ambitious mentors!

— Sujatha, age 17

The Schoolyard Ventures program has been an amazing ride! There’s no way I would be where I am if it wasn’t for the program. I came to Schoolyard Ventures as a 15-year-old without a business idea. Less than 18 months later, my company Detrapel has sold over $50,000 worth of product. The program helps you build skills to succeed in life like no other program can. If you’re a teen thinking about going into business as a career or launching your own business, you need this program. There’s nowhere else you can get a real-world experience like this at such a young age.

— david, age 17

Unlike traditional school learning, Schoolyard Ventures has helped me focus on my areas of interest and set goals based on what I want to achieve in life. Once those goals were set, Schoolyard Ventures helped me stay motivated to achieve them and surrounded me with mentors and staff who are rooting for me to continually do better.

— Sabastian, age 16