About Us

For over ten years, Schoolyard Ventures has provided innovative entrepreneurship education for ambitious teens.

Our Philosophy

Entrepreneurship is much more than merely learning how to start a business. It’s a mindset—a problem-solving framework fueled by creativity and grit—that can be applied to any number of situations and opportunities, and it’s fundamental to success in school, career, and life.


Success in School

Successful college applicants differentiate themselves by showing interest and achievement in a specific topic, one not usually associated with school. Our students pursue intrinsic, real-world learning, which allows them to speak authentically from a unique perspective.


Success in Career

Regardless of whether students want to make entrepreneurship their career, they can benefit from the skills of successful entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurial mindset is extremely valuable to employers and can help students stand out in internship and job interviews.


Success in Life

We help teens discover passion and purpose, and we equip them with the skills and confidence they need to create value in the world. We show them how to harness their hidden potential and make the impossible possible.

Our Programs

If you’re a teen, parent, or school administrator looking for more information, we’d love to hear from you.